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More Civ, more Quake ... a whole weekend of computer games. There's a bit in the back of my head going "What are you like?" but I'm ignoring that ;) But that does mean there's not much to say about the day ;)

We had roast duck for lunch yesterday, so today I need to convert the carcass into stock - given the cat's shut in (upset stomach, again) the smell'll drive him nuts.

I also need to ring the boiler people - we still have hot water but no heating (boiler starts for hot water, not for heating) ... it's a combi boiler, so that's a little odd. We've checked everything we can think of this morning - thermostat sounds fine (it does that clicky thing when it passes the current temperature), control panel (for the timer) still has power, overheat button on the boiler isn't popped out (though we'd have no hot water if it was), we added a bit more water to the system coz the pressure looked low (but that didn't help). Annoyingly we had a different company to usual service it this summer as I had difficulty contacting the normal one last year ... and I'm not convinced they did anything but blow a bit of dust out and charge us for it :(

Still, not a disaster - we still have hot water and there's a gas fire in the living room so we can still heat the place a bit during the evenings. And it's not yet freezing outside, just a bit chilly.
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