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Finally got through to the boiler people - they can't come out till the 18th, and she really didn't want to make me any appointment at all (I think it's one chap and he's awfully busy). But we have an appointment, and I told her if I got someone out sooner I'd cancel. Thing is, we don't want to pay emergency call out fees for something that's not an emergency - if it was the hot water that was off too, then yes, we'd like someone yesterday thanks. But it's not that cold without heating - yes, the gas fire was on for a bit yesterday, and I wore warmer clothes than I've done most years in winter. But that's coz we normally keep the house rather warm ;) I think we're reasonably successfully leaching heat off our neighbours, too, it's not got that cold - it's still colder outside.

J was working from home yesterday - he's got a cold, and figured he'd sit and feel sorry for himself at his home desk not his work one. Which somehow entailed an endless supply of hot drinks, coffee, tea, lemsip, hot chocolate, hot squash. I just did the normal houseworky things and made soup for lunch (mmmm, duck soup). Popped into town in the afternoon for stuff I'd forgotten yesterday - like more lemsips - but mostly played Civ in the afternoon/evening. I'm getting together a feel for a strategy ... but I think if I'm going to be aggressive I need to start earlier in the game, not give the enemy quite so much time to build up their own army. Next game ;) I think I want to be the Aztecs too, for that sort of game ... Spiritual/Aggressive.

I did put together an icon for iconartistic's current challenge, and today I shall do something for one of the others - possibly blendify__ as that's a blend for Friday, and icons are generally easier.
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