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Nice and warm this morning :) And we got an early night last night *gasp* so I'm actually feeling fairly rested. I was actually so tired yesterday afternoon/evening that I didn't play any Civ!

Partly this was because I'd had beer with lunch rather than coffee ;) Met Andrew for lunch in The Plough which was nice - we'd not been for lunch for quite a while. Other than that I don't think I did much of note yesterday. Didn't even read anything much - started "Singularity Sky" by Charles Stross, but haven't got far enough into it yet to have an opinion. Oh, and I put together some icons for two of the contests I'm in ... one sucks, I'll have to redo it today I think. I'll likely enter the other two though. And I know what I'm doing for both the ones that close on Sunday, I think.

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