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Yesterday morning we went and did some gardening! I cut back the rest of the leylandii, while J weeded the patio - the garden looks much neater now, it's amazing how much difference a little bit of tidying up makes. We also weed-killered and hacked back the various plants that are growing out of the walls of the house, despite the nice flowers that both the sorts of plants have they'd got way out of hand. And we switched off the outside tap (which involved contorsionism and washing machines, but at least now it won't freeze up over winter).

The afternoon was, once again, devoted to computer games - I played Civ for a while (till I idled off Rep, actually), then we both played Quake4. No-one else was around when we started so we played on one of the public servers. Which do tend to be full of people who are really very good indeed, and petulant teenagers who whine about how everyone must be cheating coz they're not winning.

We stopped pretty early though - so we could eat before going out to see ¡Forward Russia! playing at the Cock & Pye in town. We'd seen them a couple of months ago supporting The Duke Spirit, and they seemed pretty good, so we jumped at the chance to see them again. There were two support bands - Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames (who were just another hardcore band, not my sort of thing really) and RedJetSon (who were more interesting).

And this entry is pretty disjointed because I've caught J's cold and so didn't sleep well last night. I kinda feel like curling up on the sofa today, but I think I've too much to do (and if I put it off till tomorrow I might feel worse tomorrow). Hopefully the lemsip I'm drinking now will help :)
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