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17 November 2005 @ 09:54 am
Played Civ most of yesterday afternoon (when I wasn't doing chores) ... tried a different strategy, but might be better dropping back the difficulty a notch till I figure that out, so went back to the original one that worked for the game I last won. I need bigger and slightly more varied armies for this difficulty level - need to not get bored and attack even though I'm not ready yet ;) Found something useful on the Civ Fanatics forums that I'd not noticed - if you have a miltary unit/stack selected and alt-mouseover an enemy then it gives you the odds for the outcome of the fight if you attacked.

Played some Quake4 in the evening, didn't do too badly. I'm oddly using the non-splatter weapons more - like the rockets. I tend to think of myself as doing better when I don't have to aim too much, so the hyperblaster would be more my style. But I tend to kill myself with that (splash damage off the wall) ;)

Spoke to my mother last night too ... sorted out Christmas visiting this year. First year we won't have to spend hours at Peterborough Station waiting in the cold for trains that aren't arriving :) And trying to book the cat into a cattery at the moment ... hopefully all will be well with that, too. Amongst other things, talked to Mum about my grandparents (Dad's parents, Mum's folks died before I was 5) ... they're fading, rather, now. In the last 6 months or so they've gone from being generally OKish (but frail, they're in their late 80s after all) to significant mental decline :( I'm not especially close to them - I've maybe seen them a couple of dozen times in my life as they live quite far away, I probably know/knew J's grandparents better in the last 10 years - but still, it's my grandparents, you know? And it's one of those mortality-awareness things ... I'm in my 30s, my parents are in their 60s and the last of the generation before is beginning to fade away.

Well, that's a bit depressing isn't it. Didn't want to end the entry there, coz well, doom, gloom, but can't think of much else to say.
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Margaretpling on November 17th, 2005 06:42 pm (UTC)
Multiplayer is Quake 3 with updated graphics, and the weapons are a bit different - if you like Quake 3 you'll like Quake 4 multiplayer, and certainly over here there seem to be quite a few public servers around with people on most of the time.

It also has a proper single player game - you're a marine in the fighting on the Strogg planet, and get missions and stuff. It's well done to make you feel like you're a part of an army and big war is going on around you, and you're doing your bit - though if you like your FPS games to be non-linear then it might disappoint a bit, there does tend to be just the one way to go.

I really enjoy it - I didn't play all the way through the single player game myself, I watched J play (I rarely do play these games to the end, I'm not that good at it). But we've moved over to playing Q4 multiplayer rather than Q3:TA pretty much totally - and J's been playing every spare moment for the last 3 weeks or so :) (I've got Civ4 too, so I've had to timeshare my obsessions ;) ).