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I'm finally feeling better from this cold (although I've still got the cough, and I'm still sniffly) - I did more chores yesterday, in a more efficient fashion, so clearly the brain is de-cottonwooled somewhat. Played more Civ ... after reading a few things on the civfanatics forums I was using the strategy layer a bit more - marking out where I thought I'd put cities, and sticking labels on where the other civs were going to come from. Neglected the military too much in that game though - when the Aztecs declared war they started to stomp me rather too much. Another day, another game ;)

Played more Quake4 too - J tried to rustle up some people to play on our server, but there were only 3 of us so we picked an empty public server to colonise (which promptly became full, funny how that works ;) ). I did not badly, the standard of play out on the internet servers is way above my game, but I do get some kills in. Played till my right arm hurt from the back of my hand right through to the middle of my back ... which was rather foolish, shoulda stopped one game earlier when there were just twinges.

Read some more of Programming Perl - first time I've looked at it in ages, what with Q4 & C4 taking up so much of my time. I'm bogged down in a chapter about regular expressions - which I don't care enough about the details of now though I know they're important, but I don't want to skip the chapter as that'll probably come back to bite me later. So I'm a little easily distracted from it. So I spent a bunch of time trying to do google searches for how to get Q4 servers logging the way Q3 servers did. Found something that might be useful, but J thinks he tried that already and it just logs out error messages whereas we want the whole of the ingame stuff (like who shot who, with what weapon). It was relevant to why I'm reading the Perl book, but it wasn't exactly relevant to what I was reading ;)

Haven't entered many icon contests recently, the enthusiasm's wearing off a bit - partly coz it is rather pointless, as I don't use the icons ;) But! 100contest announced winners for a week ago's contest yesterday and I won (jointly) the 'Best Use of Theme' award. The theme was 'Dazzling Duos', we had to take one icon that we'd made and really liked (or make a new one) and then make an icon that formed a pair with it. I picked the butterfly I entered in an iconartistic competition a while ago, and made a caterpillar icon to go with it. I thought I was being quite clever, too :) It's a contrast between butterfly and caterpillar, between painting and photo and between effects-laden and simple. But they make a pair.

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