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We won our game - stomped all over the French & Arabian team yesterday, and even finished up in time for me to go out and do the shopping I needed to do ... though I did forget a couple of things, but that wasn't really to do with the game, and more to do with not making notes of things like 'Cable' on my shopping list (we need a new computer-hifi cable, ours is beginning to make noises all on its own). Though I did manage to find cheaper halogen light bulbs than we'd found on Saturday, which is just as well as all the ones in our new kitchen light fitting are dieing one after the other.

Patched Civ while I was out, and of course had to play a bit when I got in, just to check it all still worked. Note to self: Don't read forums about game patches! Lots of doom & gloom & 'Firaxis broke my game' ... and it works, just fine.

Had some time later in the evening for some Quake4 - J had got some new maps, so Paul joined us on our server and we tried them out. I quite liked 2 of them, but one of the others was just an exercise in spawning and being fragged, and the other was way too big for the three of us - either you spawned in a firefight or you didn't see anybody for ages and ages.

Today - more Civ, this evening ... and I shall try and do something else for the rest of the day ;)
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