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And, part the second, aka things I forgot. Guess I shoulda updated each day, I seem to have plenty to say ;)

While I was civing on Friday evening I read "Let Sleeping Vets Lie" by James Herriot, which is another of the books we got from jaq and theora. J remembers watching the series and reading the books when he was little, but while I'd heard of them I'd never actually watched/read any of them. It was an enjoyable book, in a fairly light-hearted way ... James Herriot doesn't seem able to say a bad word about anybody - even if he was telling an anecdote about someone he said he didn't much like he still managed to present it in such a way that one had some sympathy with the person in question. A pleasant read, but somehow didn't leave me wanting more.

And yesterday evening I was reading more of my perl book - still not finished the regular expression chapter, but I'm getting there. Some of it seemed to rather belabour an obvious point - so I'm assuming it wasn't as obvious as I thought it was, but if it comes back to bite me I'll know to go re-read that bit of the book ;)

marble and I tried to get voice stuff working under Civ4 - on the off chance I plugged in the headset I'd got for the PS2 to see what Windows thought of it ... and it worked just fine. Civ4 wasn't as co-operative though :/ Reading around in the forums, other people are having problems - though now I'm wondering if it was partly a firewalling issue, the firewall I run under windows is a free one and doesn't allow much tweaking of security. The setting I had it on it was silently dropping stuff it didn't want to let through, so when I realised that I altered so that didn't happen (so I could host civ games), but we've not tried the voice stuff in Civ4 since.

It's not the headset that's at fault though - scamp and I tested that with Google Talk, which worked perfectly :) Only under windows at the moment, as Gaim doesn't do voice, but I gather that's in the pipeline.
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