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No civ yesterday - was a bit played out. Instead I read quite a bit of my perl book, finished (finally) that regular expression chapter, and read the subroutines chapter and the formats chapter. Now in the references chapter, so nearly up to the bit I actually want to learn about ;) I'm understanding it a lot more than I did last time I tried to read it, so going back to the beginning of the book had the desired effect :) Starting to sort out in my head how it relates to my quake3 stats analyser. I think once I've read the data structures chapter I shall I have to draw out the data structure I'm going to use then run it past J before I start to code, otherwise I'll get myself in a tangle.

Unfortunately quake4 doesn't log server logs in the same way :/ It logs out the stats, but they're not the same - I can write something, later, to analyse those and will do, but I would prefer the same information as the quake3 server logs. Who kills whom with what weapon isn't logged out, just the kills/deaths/score/accuracy-with-weapons of the players at the end of the game. So you can't extract information like 'this person constantly suicides' or 'this person constantly craters & falls off the world' (why, yes, I do both of these all the time), which would be interesting. It's annoying as the information is there (look in your console while playing the game - there's all the old quake messages for the deaths, like '<player1> rides <player2>'s rocket'). It just doesn't seem to have an option to log that information out to disk.

Also read another chapter of the online book I found to teach myself Old English. When we visited Sutton Hoo while Ellen was here last I saw a book about learning Old English and nearly bought it, but wouldn't've had the time then so didn't. This also has interactive exercises, which is cool :) The chapter I read last night was about basic grammar terminology, which I mostly already knew but a refresher is always good. The first exercise was in Modern English, so that was easy. The second exercise is in Old English, but I got interrupted before I tried it so I shall have to have a poke at that later.

The interruption was Quake4 - J had been showing Jo & Chris some of the movement tricks he's picked up from watching the really good players online, and then they were playing a few games, so I joined in. I've remapped some of the keys and that seems to be improving things - I've mapped rocket gun, hyperblaster and machine gun to keys round the movement keys so that I can switch to them easily. I kept getting stuck with a weapon I didn't like because if I moved off it I was ending up on the gauntlet. So now I've my two favourite weapons to hand, and machine gun to switch to if I've only got the grenade launcher or the railgun.
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