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Yesterday morning was just like old times ... the guys did a kernel upgrade on igloo (which went beautifully), and then Snowplains refused to start. So there were the three of us sitting on Rep, with a sense of controlled panic. We've not had issues with Snowplains for ages so I'd forgotten how much of a nice way it is to get the adrenaline going ;) I always feel pretty useless though - not only do I not know C but I also don't know enough about the way the talker works in general. So I flung in a few suggestions on troubleshooting it, and then belatedly remembered sporgstatus and posted there so people knew what was what. The problem turned out to be simple to fix - corrupted entry in the mail queue on disk so when the start-up sequence got to mail the talker fell over. Yay for people-readable mail queues (and people who know how to read them) :)

So I put that adrenaline to good use, or something, by looking at more of the Old English stuff over lunch. And discovered how my grasp of grammar falls down quite sharpish when we leave Modern English ... finding accusative vs. dative cases of objects of prepositions was stumping me despite knowing which was the preposition and what the object was, I need to re-read the appropriate chapter today and re-do the exercise, I think.

J worked from home in the afternoon and I made ginger snaps. Yes, those two are related ... he kept doing the big wide-eyed look that the cat does when he wants fed and saying things like "Ginger snaps are awfully nice when they're warm!" ... so ginger snaps happened. And they do taste best when they're fresh out of the oven ;) As I was mixing stuff I was thinking to myself how much the biscuit recipe is like Ellen's cake recipe, only different proportions of things ... so I thought about ginger cake :) Ellen - would you need to alter anything about that Apple Cake recipe if you were removing all the fruit?

As well as cooking (and eating) biscuits, I read more of the perl book - I've now finished the data structures chapter, so am ready (I think) to start re-writing the quake3 stats analyser. I started to look at the log file more closely to work out what bits I need to extract and how ... but I think what I need to do is to isolate a single game, remove the chat lines and print out that section of the log. Then go over it making notes (or use highlighter pens if I can find some). Kill lines are easy, but I need to work out what some of the other stuff is - the scoring lines aren't necessarily obvious. And it'd be nice if I could work out how many skulls people had picked up as versus scored with, and stuff like that. I did notice where bot skill level was mentioned, so that 's extractable, and also should be easy to work out from the log which are bots and which are not and generate that on the fly rather than rely on me providing the information.

And we played more Quake4 in the evening. J had found a different mod for us to try - Domination, where you score points by having all the markers turned to your team's colour (which you do by running over them). Better with more of us in - 4 worked, 3 not so much. I did like it, but I still don't know the CTF maps very well (which we were mostly playing on) so that can be frustrating. And I liked it better when the points were up in the air (like in the first map we played) rather than on the ground - easier to move through and not get trapped/killed. Oh, and we also learned how to climb vertical surfaces with the nailgun, which I think is of limited use in game, but amusing nonetheless.
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