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Stuff happened!

Sunday Ed came over for dinner in the evening ... dinner & drinks & Settlers. And, for probably the first time ever, we didn't stall at the drinks bit and just talk about music while finishing the wine. We actually moved on and played Settlers while finishing the wine, and getting more wine and finishing that, too ;) Ed seemed to enjoy Settlers, too, so hopefully we'll organise another evening sometime soonish. Possibly including a bit less wine, and a bit less of the 'staying up till 2:30am', too ;)

That did mean that Monday started later than intended, and with rather more hangover than wished for. We did manage to drag ourselves out of bed and into a semi-coherent state to face the day by midday, though. So off we went to catch a train into London. It was rather weird going and getting a train for the first time in about 6 months - the girl at the station cafe still remembered I take my coffee black, which was kinda cool :)

When we got into London we got in touch with peagles and met him on our way to check into our hotel. That accomplished we headed off to find sustenance - firstly in the form of coffee. This was easily accomplished, and after a bit of chattering about Q4 we set our sights a bit higher and tried to find food - specifically, Wagamama's. We did ask for directions, but I'm not sure the guy knew where we wanted to go, and we pottered around bits of Soho for a while, looking in vain. Eventually we gave up and spotted a nice looking chinese restaurant that Paul recognised so had dinner there. It was really rather nice, though I think J feels he picked a lesser choice off the menu. It was also well timed as my hangover-induced lack of food earlier in the day and over-caffeination later in the day made themselves known just as we walked into the restaurant - I suddenly felt faint and started shaking. But the swift arrival of food pretty soon put me right again :)

And then - off to the point of the trip. Marillion were playing at The Forum, the last date of their not-quite Xmas tour. We got there with time to spare before doors opened, but the queue was already rather long. Still got a nice place near the stage though - about 5 back from the front, and I could even see most of the time :) The support act was Amy Wadge - we'd seen her at the convention this March, and she'd not grabbed our attention much. But then, she was following on from Kid G who rock, so a tough act to follow. So it was nice to see her play again - still a bit hit and miss though. I liked the stuff she said was off the new album a lot more than the older stuff, but even so I'm not sure how long it'd take to get bored if I can sing along with the chorus by the halfway through the song on first listen ...

Marillion rocked :) As if there would be any doubt about that ;) I'm bad at writing gig reviews as I never remember the track names or order or anything, so for more information than just that I enjoyed it you'll have to wait for J's write-up.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and crashed hard. Only to be woken by a firealarm at 7:30am which was totally uncalled for. It switched off pretty quick, so probably just someone having a crafty smoke somewhere they didn't oughta ... I'd totally woken up, though, so didn't really go back to sleep just dozed for a couple of hours - the normal morning hotel noises of cleaners and people leaving their rooms kept me awake. After we gave up on sleep for a bad job we checked out and headed off in search of breakfast and tourist attractions. Breakfast was a chicken samosa from a small sandwich shop, that was unexpectedly spicy and just exactly right.

We found the British Library easily, and spent a while looking at the exhibition they have of the Treasures of the British Library. I think I was most interested in the Magna Carta and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, whereas J spent most time on the Beatles stuff they had and the Lindesfarne Gospel. When museum fatigue hit, we headed across the road to a handy Pizza Express for lunch and natterings about things we'd looked at, and how neat handwriting is a vanishing skill. I like my handwriting, but I couldn't begin to imagine creating the beautiful manuscripts - even the ones that were more modern, like the Austen or Brontë manuscripts, were neat and tidy and precise in a way that we have no reason to strive for now. If you want neatness or precision, you'll type it up somewhere and print it out. And edit it invisibly to the end reader.

After lunch we headed off to the Tower of London - but in the end didn't go in. Given the price of entry we've decided to make it the point of a trip to London early next year, when we've the time (and energy) to do it properly :) Got a few pictures though, and read the stuff that they've got outside it about bits of the buildings.

The train ride home was uneventful, and once we got in we kinda crashed. Ate some dinner, drank some beer, played some Q4, read through the archives of a webcomic I discovered, and went to sleep.

Today, today I shall write about tomorrow so that I have something to say in the morning ;)
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