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Yesterday was back to the normal routine, except that it was a cross between a Monday and a Wednesday. Did normal quantities of housework for a Monday, and did some grocery shopping. Except that the shopping was only for last night and tonight, as I'll go shopping again tomorrow for weekend food. Today I need to remember to email people about their address changes - it seems that none of you that read this and have moved in the last 12 months remembered that I sent you a card last year as I have a distinct lack of emails with addresses in :P

I read "Wheelers" by Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen - the way the book cover is done I'd thought when I picked it up in the library that it was by someone called 'Stewart Cohen' but it seems this is the first fiction collaberation these guys have done. Hope they do (have done?) more, I really rather enjoyed it. They wrote the Science of Discworld books - which my mother has and I've read and enjoyed. The story is set a couple of hundred years in the future, and is a tale of first contact. It's also one of those books with nutty ideas about the Egyptians, but unlike some I've read I felt that the authors and I were in agreement that it was fiction ;) I liked the way everything in the end was relevant to the story, even though sometimes it felt like you'd gone off on a(n enjoyable) tangent. I think my criticisms would be that it did have a tendancy to infodump (but I like that unless it's really clunky, which this wasn't), and that the ending gets a bit carried away with the re-writing of human history (although, like I said, it's not a case of suddenly wondering if the author believes it).

And now I'm starting to read "The Chronicles of Amber" which is the first five of Roger Zelazny's Amber novels collected in one book. So far - I'm enjoying it a lot more than the other Zelazny I've picked up, and I can see why I'd read a review (can't remember where now) comparing Charles Stross's "The Family Trade" to the Amber novels. More when I've finished it.

And I'm thinking I need to tag books posts with author names or something else that narrows it down so I can find my book thoughts more easily ... I shall ponder then re-tag a bunch of stuff, I think :)
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