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All Civ, all the time!

Well, not quite - I got emails off to people, and addresses from people. I've still got a few left to get, but I got bored with writing similar things to people (just phrased differently depending on how I know the person) so I stopped once I'd covered the US ones and a handful of UK ones. I do wish people would mailshot (or LJ equivalent) when they move :P (And yes, we did - albeit with our Christmas cards that year, and we'd paid for mail forwarding past the point of Christmas too, so it didn't matter where stuff went).

And then I played the first of my turns in the Succession Game of Civ I'm in - basically it's a single player game but you get a 10 or 20 turn chunk to play, then you upload the save and a bit of chat (& some screenshots) about what you did to the forum for the next person. Slightly nerve-wracking, as a) I was second in the rota so not much chance to see how others were going to play and b) I don't normally play on Noble difficulty level. Still, that inspired me to try the GOTM for this month (Game of the Month - you get given a starting save, and play from there, submitting the save to the competition forum to be ranked) ... which is also on Noble. I'm quite far through, killed one civ, going (hopefully) for cultural victory as I'm not powerful enough for conquest/domination, not liked enough for diplomatic and not advanced enough for spaceship. Not sure I'm on track for cultural either, but we'll see. Think I should probably be playing on Noble though - this is harder, but it still feels doable, just needs some practice.

Played some Quake4 in the evening, too - new update to the Domination mod, so we just had to try it. But my mother rang after we'd played a couple of games, so I stopped to chat to her. I now know what I'm getting Dad for Christmas, and Mum's going to email me a thought (and I need to email her what J & I would like, I blanked on author names for the books). I've also thought what my brother can get us if he has no ideas of his own. And had a thought about what to get him & his wife, too. I know we've got J's sister's, Dad's & Gran's pressies, we know what we're getting for Chris ... not sure about J's Mum yet. But! We're nearly there for family presents. And we don't really do much in the way of non-family presents (mostly because we're crap at thinking of presents people would like, but partly for budgetary reasons), there are a few though so I need to put some thought into that.

Oh, and we sorted out where the cat will sleep when we visit my folks ... we couldn't get him in a cattery, so he's coming with us. That'll be ... interesting.

There now, that was dull for the rest of you, wasn't it ;)
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