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I had a productive day yesterday. Posted the majority of the Christmas cards (one address I didn't get till late, one is still awaiting a present, one is awaiting photos of my brother's wedding), posted one of the presents that needs posting, bought the three remaining presents (then subsequently decided one needs more to go with it). In non-Christmas related stuff I rang the car insurance people and checked the info on the renewal notice (apparently they had some introductory deal I didn't notice that meant we get 2 years no claims discount after 1 year of no claims, so that's cool), got a couple of online quotes from other insurers which were higher, but left actually renewing until I've got the credit card bill for January so we can bump the cost into Feb (which is then a year after we paid for the first lot).

And I'm tired again just listing all that ;)

In the evening I played some Q4. J and I joined an empty public server and waited to see if people would join us - by the end of the first map it was quite busy, and the second map was insanely busy. I did pretty well though - sixth out of ~16 with 36 frags (no frag limit as far as I could tell, we hit the time limit). J won that one, too. Which was particularly good because the chap who came second we'd nicknamed 'The Mouth' coz he basically logged on and started talking up how good he was and how we were all boring and crap and nerds and he was better better better. He wasn't bad, but he sure wasn't the shit-hot player he thought he was.

During lunch I played with some pictures of the cat - originally thinking of putting it as part of our website, but the size & shape of the image is wrong (don't think we want to replace the 'what's new' bit of the front page with an image, which is what I was initially thinking this could do). I still like it though ...

Toby cat!
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