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Mostly Civ, and waiting in for a parcel that might've been delivered yesterday or today (guess it's today, then). I nearlynearly won a cultural victory on Civ - think I was about 10 turns off, and Louis XIV got a spaceship. Damnit. I'm finding the cultural victory really hard to achieve - I've got the theory sorted, I think, but I'm finding putting it into practice rather harder. Part of it is that I need to specialise my cities more - there's no damn point putting cultural buildings in the cities that aren't going to be the big three, just temples for the cathedrals later. And a specialised Great Artist generating city would be useful - which means lots of farms so I can use artist specialists.

J posted the last of the posted stuff for Christmas, so that's all sorted. And I rang the cattery, and they've had a cancellation so we don't need to take the cat to Oxford! And it also makes it easier to get to one of the other social thingies we're doing over Christmas as the cat's not being picked up that afternoon. All go for Christmas then - just need to wrap presents we're taking with us.

I don't normally do birthday greetings as it means looking them up and checking every day and I'm lazy like that. But as I've known the woman for 26 years I know this one off the top of my head :) Happy Birthday zanardi!
Tags: birthdays, cat, christmas, computer, games
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