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I won a cultural victory in civ last night!! Whee! Seems like it was the night for it[locked, incidentally] ... cultured solstice or something. I lucked out with my start position this time - London had oodles and oodles of floodplains, so I slapped farms all around and by the time the city was size 13 it had 6 artist specialists and was still growing. That gave me 57 great people points per turn, and I managed 11 Great Artists before the endgame - that shaved ~12000 culture off the total I needed each city to grow to. It wasn't just the good start position though - I read through this forum thread (even though it was about much harder games) and picked up on some tips from there. I'd not realised how powerful chop-rushing a couple of settlers at the start could be, and I'd been concentrating too much on wonders, I think. Next, I think I want a Conquest victory (I suck at war, normally, so this should be interesting) ... then it's on to the next difficulty level for me.

In other news, my face is slightly swollen this morning. Yesterday my cheeks were red & itchy in the morning, but that mostly passed though they were still too hot in the evening. This morning they're not red, but just slightly puffy - enough that J noticed it, and I can feel the skin is tight, but not horrendously swollen. I'm guessing at an allergic reaction - but I've not changed soap etc, the only difference is that I put clearasil on couple of spots, but the bits of my face that are swollen are the bits that haven't had clearasil (and besides, I've never had a reaction to it before). And the only food that's been different I had on Sunday night, Monday lunch and Tuesday lunch, so I'd've thought I'd've reacted before yesterday if that was the issue (and I'm pretty sure I've had barley before, I've just never cooked it myself before). I shall just have to keep an eye on it.

Wrapped presents yesterday - still doesn't feel like it's nearly Christmas. I think it won't till J's done with work on Friday, and we put the decorations up (we're of the 'decorations don't go up till nearly Christmas' school of thought - think I'm more hardline than J, I think the proper date to decorate is Christmas Eve, he allows the weekend before too. We normally compromise somewhere in the week before).
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