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I really should've done an update last Thursday & last Friday, coz then I'd not have as much to try and talk about now. So this will likely summarise wildly (and possibly inaccurately, who knows).

I don't think there was much of note about Wednesday, though I must've done something. Thursday however we were social! We visited jaq and theora in the evening and they cooked us & their other guests some nice food :) And plied (plyed?) us with nice drinks too (I'm beginning to be fonder of sweet sherry than dry, which is a change from a few years ago). And the company was good, so an all round win :)

We left earlyish (and felt a bit bad about it, as we seemed to start a stampede) as we were supposed to be driving north on Friday and wanted some sleep before we left. But we awoke to snow, Snow, SNOW! Not just here, but all up the east coast, pretty much where we'd be driving. So we gave up and had an unanticipated day at home, which left us feeling in limbo a bit. 'Entertainment' was provided by watching trucks slipping on the snow on the street outside our front window ... who in their right mind drives 3 foot behind a truck on a hill in the snow?? Thankfully no-one learnt that lesson the hard way, that we saw. But all the snow had gone by the evening so we headed off on Saturday morning. The drive was uneventful - the usual levels of idiocy on the roads, but nothing worth more than a passing curse - and we arrived at J's parents' place before night fell :)

The original plans for the evening had involved a wedding reception the whole village had been invited to. But John Sr. had a bad cold and John Jr. was knackered from the drive so we stayed in (Anne & I had no excuses for our tiredness). Much wine was drunk, much conversation was had & we watched Jools Holland to welcome in 2006 (Happy New Year, btw!).

The rest of the visit passed peacefully - despite J's mother's car breaking down on the way to visit J's gran (thankfully we were just out of the village so J's Dad could come and pick us up and swap the cars over). Much food was consumed (J's mother still regards J as a growing lad, so we get fed accordingly), much wine was drunk, and much GRRM was read.

Today, we drove home. Again uneventful, though more rain than the journey up (and consequently more idiot driving).

And now. We relax with the red wine we should've taken north but I forgot to pack. The brain-dead tired and the wine are probably to blame for the over-use of the word 'much' and the over-use of the stream-of-consciousness writing style.
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