Margaret (pling) wrote,

Weekend = Party Time!

Well, I don't think we've ever had as many people in the house at one time as we did on Sat night! Was a really cool weekend too :)

People started to arrive on Friday just after we'd managed to almost get the house tidy (it looked ok but there was a lot more we'd wanted to do in that silly house-proud way ;) ). I went down to the station to meet Stipe and April (Apple online but she doesn't like that name) and Molt who all came on the same train. Stipe came bearing presents which was a little unexpected, he brought me two bottles of wine, and some CDs for J :) Once we got back, and had a beer, we realised there wasn't enough beer in the house so once Marnanel arrived me and April and Stipe and Molt went back down to the offlicence to get more beer. The guy in the shop recognised me as having been in earlier, which I was kinda hoping he wouldn't coz we'd already bought a crate of beer and some wine and some Archers, and here I was back with people to buy more beer (got another 2 crates). Bruce and Nathan turned up later, and I think Sagima turned up at about the same time. And that was all the poeple for Friday night. So we drank beer (well, some of us) and played PS2 games and PC games and generally sat and talked and stuff. Was fun :)

Sat morning I got up far too early and went through to start people moving coz we needed to get into town to meet everyone else. Was a bit disconcerting coz the floor looked awfully full and I knew that we'd got 5 more people staying on Sat night. But I decided not to worry about it and we actually managed to get everyone out of the house and into town for 1130 which was when I'd said we'd be in the pub. Unfortunately, the pub wasn't open till 12 - the day I was supposed to be checking this sort of thing was the day I'd had to go into London to do open heart surgery on Albatross so I'd not realised. I felt a trifle dumb, but it did sound like they'd actually had some problem or something and that they'd've been open if it'd been normal. We hung around outside for a bit, and Gushie and chezzie met up with us then ... and just as we got into the pub Phlebas and Ellie joined us. Had lunch there, and Phil and Helen met us not long after that ... and then most of them went record shopping, but Sagima and Chezzie and I did the sensible thing and went to another pub to continue being vegetables :) Bruce got bored of shopping pretty soon and joined us - which was cool, coz he's always talkative and although I do talk quite a lot most of the time I was dreading one of those awkward moments when everyone stops talking and no-one can think of anything to say as I haven't talked to Chezzie or Sagima very much before. But all was well - and I found out that Sagima did biochem at uni which is cool coz there're very few spods that aren't geeky computery types ... and very very few biochemists :)

Went on for a curry on Sat night, to our favourite restuarant - and it was good :) And most poeple thought that too :) And off back to ours for more beer, more PS2 and more random chat. I had to wuss out early coz I was absolutely shattered. April asked if I'd slept OK coz they'd apparently made lots of noise - as it happens I don't think the last trump woulda wakened me ;) I was soooo tired.

sunday was the day of the pub lunch - it was a gorgeous day and we walked off to get lunch then poeple started to depart. Phil and Helen had to go real early as Phil had to go into work that evening, so they unfortuneately missed lunch. Then Phlebas, Ellie, Stipe, April and Molt all went off to get trains to London and Chezzie and Marnanel went a little later to get a train to Cambridge. Bruce and Nathan stuck around a bit and helped to clear up the house before diagnosing what was up with our LAN (my soundcard conflicts with my network card - and you can't get Win98 to change IRQs for either of them, which sucks. Nathan suggested taking the network card out, rebooting, putting it back in a different slot, rebooting and seeing if that helps - but we'll do it some other day). Then we played PS2 games some more (hey, think there's theme here ;) ) ... and had more pizza and more beer :)

It was a cool weekend, and now we've got a house full of alcohol which isn't necessarily a bad thing ;) Hopefully everyone else had fun too :)

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