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I knew I should've updated on Friday morning - I now can't remember much about Thursday ... I think we mostly tidied the stuff we'd disorganised while organising the furniture, and briefly popped over to Ed's to sort out Q4 on his PC.

Friday started with a bit more of a blitz on tidying - got stuff together & took it to the tip (including several months worth of empty bottles for recycling), also did a Tesco shop (eek! expensive! but that's what happens on the bi-monthly big shopping trip). peagles turned up with perfect timing as we finished the last of the chores.

In the evening we went out to Furry. It's changed venue! It's now in The Great White Horse, which is a hotel in town that has a pub in the ground floor and the club was held in the ballroom upstairs. As ballrooms go it's seen better days, the decor is getting a bit tatty. But for a club it's pretty good - it has atmosphere, and it's one of those weird rooms that looks busy even when there's only ~50 people in even though capacity is over 200. Ed had got candles for the tables, which also helped the atmosphere. The other change was that it was all an hour earlier - 9pm-2am, which was actually rather nice (obviously I'm getting old ;) ). It was a fun evening, and worked well in the new venue too :)

Saturday we got up late ... unsurprisingly. After some bacon sandwiches we headed into town to pick up a couple of bits to finish our living room re-org (including a new network cable that was between 2m and 17m, as we only needed about 4m). And obviously we had a coffee while we were out ... and bought a CD too (listening to it now - heard her on Jools Holland's New Year programme, probably the most mainstream album we'll pick up this year ;) ).

In the evening I cooked a roast dinner while the guys played Quake of various sorts (got a new mod for Q3 with a new game type - freeze tag - which looked fun), then we headed out to The Dove for a pint or two. Or four, as it turned out ;) Well, 3.5 for Paul ... he managed to knock his rather silly glass over (he was drinking Erdinger, which comes in rather tall top heavy pint glasses), and dumped about half a pint of beer in my lap. Thankfully only got my jeans & the bottom of my t-shirt, rather than my coat that was next to me, so no harm done. And a good chance to point & laugh at him :P Once we got home from from the pub we weren't quite ready to call it a night, so I had some madeira while the guys sampled the whisky. We're onto our last bottle of whisky!

I think the madeira may have been a mistake, a tasty mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. I was really rather hungover on Sunday ... but thankfully I recovered enough by mid-afternoon to cook the planned curry (mmmm, Beef Jhal Frezi). I wasn't exactly a gracious hostess that day - I mostly hid (on a chair with a book) from my hangover, and let J entertain Paul (by playing Quake mostly, surprise surprise ;) ).

And now it's this morning & J's back at work and theoretically I'm starting a new routine, but there's so much to catch up with in one way or another that I think the routine will be worked out next week, and this week will be spent doing the catching up.
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