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I meant to practice my flute yesterday, but I failed to find all the stuff in the box room. We really need to sort it out sometime, neither of us have much idea where anything is and it's badly stacked as well. J helped in the evening, and we found most stuff just not the music stand. But that's OK, as I can use the printer :) I think I'll try and do 3 exercises - I have some evil exercise books by Trevor Wye, in a series called "A Trevor Wye Practice Book for the Flute". I have the first three volumes on Tone, Articulation and Technique, so I'll do one from each of those. Then 2 or 3 pieces. One of them has to be one of my Grade 8 pieces (the Adagio & Allegro from Sonata in G Major by Handel (Op. 1, No. 5)) as I've always liked that a lot, and another will be an Adagio & Vivace by Telemann (from his Sonata in G minor (Op. 13, No. 1)) from a book of Baroque flute music I bought a while ago and never learnt anything from.

Tried to upgrade OpenOffice last night to 2.0.1 from 1.1.5 ... and discovered they're now using 'native installers' which means they provide rpms for linux. Which doesn't help for Slackware (which doesn't use rpms natively). I eventually found instructions for how to make it work, and there are apparently some third party versions packaged for Slackware. But as it all looked quite complicated or timeconsuming I decided to see if Gnumeric would open my spreadsheets. It did! So I spent a bit of time tweaking cell formats (and playing with the graphing tools, to see how they worked), but our finance spreadsheets are now moved over into Gnumeric and I'll not be bothering with OpenOffice again.

I also did lots of other stuff - housework amongst it - so I feel like yesterday was a really productive day, which is nice :)
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