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Well, when I said I was going to play my flute every day I meant every weekday, clearly ;) Instead of anything virtuous most of the day was spent playing Civ4 ... I finished the GOTM, and lost as I expected - the Malinese got their spaceship. I nearly got conquered, but thankfully the Mali got there before the Arabs had done more than take one of my cities (I only had 5 so this was important!). After submitting the game I played several abortive starts on Prince - I figure I didn't do that badly so I should work at actually beating it. After a while I lucked out with a start position (on my own continent, but within sight of another one, so I had another civ to talk to & trade with) ... I seem to be losing ground in the late game, but hopefully I'll still get a spaceship off.

I did do a couple of less frivolous things - took the RJ book back to the library and paid up my fines. And J & I changed the light bulb in one of the outside lamps (too high for me to reach, even on the ladder), I scrubbed the algae off the casing, and it's amazing how much difference it makes :)
Tags: civ, computer, games, house
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