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We've been talking off and on for the last couple of months about how we ought to eat more fish. It's good for you, and we've been trying to eat more heathily in general, given I have the time to cook properly. So I finally actually went and bought some fish & cooked it :) The recipe was for Sole with Tomato & Garlic, but I used haddock fillets instead. And it was really rather nice (and easy to do, which is always convenient) ... we had it with boiled potatoes, but I think another time I'll also do peas as there wasn't quite enough food.

I used haddock because I wasn't sure if the sole fillets they had in Sainsburys were marinaded in something or not - they said 'Lemon Sole' and there was a bit of liquid in the plastic tub, so I wasn't sure if 'Lemon Sole' was just the name of the variety of fish, or if it meant 'Sole marinaded in Lemon' which wouldn't've worked. Does anyone know? I need to find a fishmongers, though - I'd rather not buy haddock or cod if possible as they're both overfished, and they were about the only choices available (apart from a couple of packets of Lemon Sole). The out of town supermarkets have more choice, I think, but aren't as easy for me to get to.

Bought 2 singles we'd been looking forward to while I was in town - ¡Forward, Russia! "Twelve" and the new Arctic Monkeys one. Arctic Monkeys album is due out next week, too.

Spent a bit of the evening installing a couple of mods to Civ4 - one is a package of other mods, Alerum's Unaltered Game Play mod which has a whole bunch of things that don't affect the gameplay, but add tweaks. Some I'm not bothered about (I didn't mind the original road colour, having 5 men for the unit graphics is amusing but not necessary), some are very useful (like the autologger for SG games (now that I've dug about and found out why I was having issues with it), the tweaks to the Domestic & Foreign advisors (all the info is there normally, just harder to find), the alterations to the Civlopedia) and some are just interesting (like the actual quotes one, which gives more interesting things for the leaders to say). I also installed the Blue Marble texture set, and used the CivScale utility from them to tweak the background colour to purple :)

And then I started playing a Prince game and I'm doing rather well, right now anyway. I must actually make the effort to go back to that one rather than start over again :)
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