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19 January 2006 @ 10:09 am
Remember that Civ game I was playing? That I thought I was doing well at? I quit before I lost :/ There I was, going along nicely I thought .. and Montezuma declared war, sent about a hundred units over the border & took 2 of my cities in 2 turns without doing much more than slightly taking the shine off his army. Ah well.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon making a stencil to make birthday cards - it's been years since I did anything like that. I'd forgotten how much hard work it was actually making the stencil (though I guess it'd've been easier if I'd not had quite such a sturdy piece of card to work with) - I've not worked out how to smooth the edges (fine sandpaper, I guess, need to see if we have any - I thought I had a very small rasp, but it appears not), but it's not that important as I'm mostly using the stencil for letter placement/basic shape, I'm inking them freehand. I need to find/buy a fine black marker, too. While the black felt tip I had worked for the way I did my mock up (thick black outline, coloured in with pencil) I need something more delicate for at least one of the other colouring ideas I have (whee! I get to play with my watercolours :) ). And I even found some plain white card for making the real cards, too.

I also read this month's book for clubbook ("The Boys of My Youth" by Jo Ann Beard) - discussion starts Monday & I'd worried I'd left it too late as I often take longer to read books I have to read than ones I'd chosen freely. But it didn't take more than the evening ... a bit like the book equivalent of candyfloss: pleasant enough at the time, but ultimately unsatisfying. Need to write up some thoughts about it today (while I still remember them) so I can post on Monday.

I'm currently listening to friendly music as I'm expecting an electrician to turn up this morning. But what I really want to listen to is a lot more crunchy, which makes an ... interesting ... contrast between external & internal music ;)
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contents under pressure / handle with care: feelings - black pawngraphxgrrl on January 19th, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
Forgive me for being happy about the first bit. I was scared at the prospect of our next game possibly being at Prince. ;) I've actually not played Civ at all now for at least a few weeks, I need to fix that.

And on that note, what is your weekend looking like? Aside from some family things on Saturday evening, I'm pretty open.
Margaretpling on January 19th, 2006 05:29 pm (UTC)
Heh. I shall sulk over here in the corner. *pout* ;) I think even if I were playing on Prince you could still play on whatever level you liked - you'd get the bonuses for your level. But Noble is still where I'm at in reality, I'm just beginning to poke my toes into deeper waters ...

Actually, I think this weekend's looking good for Civ ... I've got bits & bobs to do, but they're me-daytime so shouldn't matter, and obviously I'll have to cook while we play, but that's been work-roundable in the past. Oh, and Sunday Q4 is likely 5-7, so I'll want to join in with that, but that still gives us a few hours afterwards.