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Again with the Civ theme. This seems to be a constant - the obsession is growing, if anything ;) I did write up my thoughts about that book, so that's done and as I'm prepared I get to start the discussion tomorrow (which means I need to re-write a little so there's more "what do you think?" explicitly rather than implicitly). I'm somewhat nervous about that, as I wasn't that keen on the book but I don't want to step on anyone's toes. Mind you, I think once we get to the Heinlein later in the year I'll be on the other side of the fence so I shouldn't worry too much ;)

Started to write up my report for Adventure 3. I resized all the pictures & cropped down to the interesting bits. And started on the actual write up - I'm going to put it on my webpage, so that meant reminding myself how the html and css worked and how it all fitted together. So far I've barely actually written the introduction, but it's all writing from now on rather than formatting tweaks (she says).

And played Civ with Ellen in the evening - slightly unsatisfactory initially. My computer crashed (lost disk, does this a lot but this was the first time it did it in Windows, so at least I now know it must be hardware not software) meaning a reboot and pause while I sorted that out. Then all the civs in the game declared war on us. So we gave up on that game as it was cursed and started another. This time we're isolated on a continent of our own which is both good & bad - we've no-one to tech trade with and likely they're trading amongst themselves. So we're aiming for Caravels, to go find them. But at least we get to settle in peace ;)
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