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Needn't've worried so much about the review/discussion start for that book that I posted - so far only one person has responded to it at all. Now this might be a bad sign, but I'd rather absolute apathy than a horde of screaming fans of the book descending on me ;) After I posted yesterday I kinda played Civ almost all day. I'm nearly(ish) done with Adventure 3, and I'm beginning to feel that I can win on Prince (though likely not this game). I'm gonna restart the game (when I'm done & have written it up) and play from a bit where I think in retrospect I made a poor decision. Need to have more faith in my abilities or something ;)

I also cooked Pork Jhal Frezi. Mmmm. And that's about it, really.

Today will be more productive and less civ-ful :)
Tags: books, civ, computer, cooking, games
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