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The pros & cons of defrosting a domestic fridge/freezer ...

  • No-one hands out freebie ice-scrapers to housewives, so I don't appear to have one (Edit It appears other people get freebie ice-scrapers, it's just that I don't ;) )
  • "It really needs defrosting" happens a lot sooner than it does in the lab (I'm still not sure what the problem was, the ice was only an inch thick at worst, and the door had no difficulty shutting ;) )
  • In the lab there's no helpful little pussycat who thinks it's a new game, and that he'll win the game if he shreds the kitchen towel you've put down to mop up drips, and succeeds in fishing out the chip that was frozen into the ice and playing hockey with it
  • There's no spare fridge/freezer to put things in, so they'll inevitably warm up a bit in the cool box before the freezer gets back to temperature

On the plus side, however:
  • I'm quite happy handling the ice with my bare hands, and it seems to come off the freezer more easily when there's less of it
  • The worst thing I'm going to find in the ice was the aforementioned chip. And it was still frozen when the cat got it out for me.
  • No-one came up to me half-way through and loudly announced that if their samples had defrosted and ruined their experiments then it was ALL MY FAULT! And this despite me having watched this same person chip just enough ice off that the door would shut, every day for 2 weeks before I gave in and defrosted the fucking freezer
  • No-one came up to me half-way through to say "Er, while you're there ... um ... would you ... er ... mind ... er ... defrosting-another-freezer-mine's-all-iced-up-and-I-can-hardly-shut-the-door ... um ... just while you're there, you understand?"
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