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02 February 2006 @ 09:23 am
Tuesday night we went up to Norwich for a concert with Ed - Jenniferever were supposed to be playing in The Ferryboat (a pub somewhere nearish the station). But after we got there we discovered they'd had 'major van failure' and so weren't going to be playing, which was a shame :( We decided we'd stay anyway, having driven all the way there - there were still three bands playing. The first was a guy and his guitar, I forget the name, and he'd been asked to step in at short notice (everyone else got pushed up the bill, so a new opener to replace the missing headliner). He was quite good, but not really right for the crowd - a little out-of-tune, but a nice voice and the songs seemed interesting. After him was Distophia (I think) who were actually rather good - raucous metal. I can't remember a thing about any of the songs now, but I enjoyed it at the time. And after that were These Monsters, who were great. No vocals, the place of the vocal line was taken by the saxophone ... to be honest if you want a description of the music you're better off asking J. It's the sort of thing I like a lot live, but passes me by when recorded (no vocals). So the gig was worth the £3 in the end anyway ... glad we decided to stay.

Due to being out late yesterday was sleepier than usual for a Wednesday. Most of the non-chore stuff I did was continuing to catalogue my books - I'd kinda stalled on entering them into the database a while ago, but zhaneel posted about LibraryThing in stackofbooks which got me all motivated again. I exported all the books already in my database to LibraryThing, and I've entered another 60 or so into both my database & my LibraryThing one. The 450-odd that I had already are queueing to be put into LibraryThing, they don't just blat amazon with requests as they come in ... the queue seems a little odd in that I'm pretty sure it's been saying there's a bit of 2000 ahead of me for ages, but whatever. My profile is here, I like the stats and stuff like that - I'm a sucker for statistics on things. I also like the ability to tag things. I'm going to have to go through adding the ratings & date-read to everything I've already got though, and tag them ... that'll be an ongoing task I think ;)

I've also put entries in for another blend competition, and an icon competition ... more on those once they're finished. What I need to do (soon, too) is finish off the Civ game I'm playing & (hopefully) reporting on for the Realms Beyond forums ... report needs to be in by end of Tuesday, game finished by end of Monday. So I've time, but I need to actually do it.
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Robdreema on February 2nd, 2006 11:22 am (UTC)
that looks pretty neat. how does it handle in input of books, do you just enter the isbn numbers? I've put most of mine in the Delicious library, but then that's cos it's easy to scan in the barcode. It's export facility leaves a little to be desired though, csv only, nothing fancy like an html layout, or selecting the columns that you want.
Margaretpling on February 2nd, 2006 11:31 am (UTC)
Yeah, you can just type in the ISBN - I'm quite adept at data entry on the number pad (3 years of entering stuff during my PhD, the equiment I used only outputted onto a printer not even an electronically saveable format so I had to manually put it into excel to do the data analysis) so I quite like that and I don't have a barcode reader anyway. For the stuff I was entering yesterday I just typed the ISBN into both Alexandria (the main cataloguing program I'm using) and LibraryThing.

For bulk imports it says it will work with "Desktop book applications like Delicious Library and Readerware." among other things - it's a slightly inelegant solution, as it seems to just strip the ISBNs out and re-look them up, but whatever, it works.
John: 2003jarel on February 2nd, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC)
The guy-with-guitar was "Tiger MCs", I think.