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Umm, what's happened. I don't remember what I did on Friday ... some reading, went into town, made a card. That was it, I think. Oh, and sorted out a cheaper mobile contract for me. Saturday was more memorable - we went to London to meet people and go out for drinks & dinner to celebrate jaq's 30th birthday :) It felt just a trifle weird heading off at 12:30 for 'an evening out', but that was coz we were aiming to be in the pub at about 3pm ;) Went to a couple of places that sold nice beer, and looked at jaq's Good Beer Guide - there're 8 pubs in Ipswich in there, and we've not been to all of them yet. Clearly we need to invite jaq, theora and the beer book here so we can hunt down the other ones ;) Then off to an upmarket burger resturant (Ultimate Burger, I think), for a rather nice dinner :) We headed off home after that - it's a long way back to Ipswich - and just like last time we had to leave early we started a small stampede. Ah well, there were a reasonable number of people who did hang around to go for drinks afterwards, so it didn't spoil the plans (I hope).

And yesterday I felt over-tired and asocial. So going to Tescos in the morning was probably not the best move (though it needed to happen). The large numbers of not-quite-with-it people did manage to slow me down enough that I didn't finish my book while waiting for J's karate class to finish so he could pick me up (hence why I went to Tescos, made sense given he was driving out that way anyway). And I spent most of the rest of the day reading and ignoring the world. And killing things in Quake4. Which means that today I need to finish that game of Civ that I'm supposed to be reporting on in the Realms Beyond forums, then finish the report by tomorrow night. Think I've still got time, if I actually get on with it - and don't get sucked into doing stuff to my LibraryThing library now it's imported the books.

Books I've finished since last time I posted:
"Blood Trail" by Tanya Huff. I've clearly been reading too much about writing - I kept noticing mid-scene brief POV shifts. But I only noticed them for the first bit of the book while I was still getting into the story, once I was properly sucked into it I stopped paying attention to the details. Another supernatural PI, this one has a vampire boyfriend and is investigating the shootings of members of a werewolf family. Book 2 in a series that I've not read the first one of, but it didn't suffer much from that. It felt a bit more superficial than the Dresden Files, but I don't think I'd've been comparing them if I hadn't happened to read a werewolf story in both serieses at the same time. Good read, I shall look for more in the library.

"Code Noir" by Marianne de Pierres. Cyberpunk, and also book 2 in a series I've not read the first one of. The library needs to try buying book 1 as well as books 2, 3 & 4 on occassion ;) I'm not sure about this one - it was a nice read, but I kind of felt like I was missing stuff by the time I got to the end, and hard to tell if that was because I'd not read the first book or what. There's definitely an over-arching story to this, so it may well be that I was lacking too much set-up for it all to make total sense.
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