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So yesterday I burnt 20 & some change CDs, wrote a report on Adventure 3 and posted it (and had nice things said about it, too, that's rather nice). And started Adventure4, which I hadn't been going to do (Monarch! Eek! And no Alphabet, for the twist) but I think I may have time to get that all sorted by next Tuesday evening when the report for that is due in. Fewer screenshots for this one I think - less need to document as there's not an obsessive scoring system - I found 80 screenshots a little difficult to manage (I ended up using nearly all of them). The game's not going as badly as I'd anticipated a Monarch game to go, maybe I'll end up playing the current CFC GOTM on Contender not Adventurer class (ie normal rather than with a bonus for being pathetic ;) ).

Forgot to mention yesterday that travel_icontest closed voting (winners here), the theme was trains (we were given pictures) and my two entries were:

icon1 icon2

The first of those actually picked up a few votes, too :)

And the other thing I did yesterday was finish another book: "Grantville Gazette" edited by Eric Flint. It's a collection of short stories set in the 1632 universe (small town in modern US transplanted to Germany in 1632, Plucky Americans Do Good). Whilst I enjoy the stories, and even the concept, I sometimes find this series/universe to be a bit too Happy Ending for me. And a bit too Rah! Rah! USA!, but then I guess it's gonna be given the concept (if it was a small town from the UK it would end up Rah! Rah! UK! in a different (as our culture's not quite the same) but equally annoying way, I think). And there's nothing wrong with positive stories. I just find it better in small doses, so I'll likely never buy any of these in a dead-tree format.
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