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So what have I done today? I've read papers, and read papers, and boggled at a sick NT4 machine and read some more papers. Quite boring really. Highlights of the day were firstly that the bus in the morning was perfectly on time which meant I could get breakfast to eat on the train *bounce*. And then a printer started working spontaneously, all of us who could have set it up thought that someone else had, so we dunno what happened. Last any of us saw it was asking for a driver disk, and I have those (I think) but hadn't got round to dealing with it. And the last highlight was that I got the early train and so was home before 7pm. Was a pretty dull day all round ;)

Just put beer in the fridge, wasn't going to have one tonight, but whatever ;) Boredom strikes ;) J's over <-------------- there practicing karate too, so the beer has time to cool down before dinner :)

Oh and my eczma is playing up and my back itches like hell. I know it's stress related, so it's bound to be bad right now. So I really shouldn't've worn the bra that irritates it. Bah.

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