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I really should update at the weekends more, I keep forgetting though. I did play the CivFanatics GotM on Contender level. And proved that I'm not ready for Monarch *coff*. I played other civ over the weekend too - some Prince level games, just for fun (and not really getting anywhere, restarting lots), I was up in both succession games, and I played some multiplayer with Ellen (restarting as we'd both forgotten where we were before).

Friday night was Furry - and a bit of an odd one, as Ed had had a family emergency so was in London. One of the guys who DJs at The Riot was running the night, and obviously there was a different DJ. I tend to forget how much of what I like about the night is the music choices that Ed makes - while I did still enjoy the evening by 1am the music the guy was playing felt rather same-y and I didn't know as much of it as I usually do. We bailed not long after that, rather than stick it out till 2 just coz. And of course we had 'normal customer' type annoyances, like having our coats with us rather than leaving them behind the decks.

Other than that it was quite a lazy weekend - headed into town on Saturday as J had a contact lens appointment, and I fancied a potter round the shops. J had a karate class on Sunday morning, so we were up rather earlier than we might've been. Quake4 on Sunday evening, as usual - I think I prefer Clan Arena to free-for-all deathmatch like we have been playing, even though I really wasn't doing well to start off with. And I read "Night Pleasures" by Sherrilyn Kenyon - I picked it up at the library as they seemed to have several of the series (and this was even the first!) and it looked like a vampire book. And it is a vampire book, and it has some Greek mythology tied in. But the title should've clued me in more to the style of the book than it did. After the first few chapters the plot picked up a bit so I did finish it, but the initial bit is mostly about the not-quite-vampire and the resolutely-not-psychic woman thinking about what they'd like to do to each other (based on first impressions of how hot they think the other one is). In the end there's about the same plot:sex ratio as the later Anita Blake books, but the plot is less thriller/mystery and more romance which isn't really to my tastes. (Probable spoilers follow, if you care) The excerpt from book 2 at the end of this book seems to suggest that the whole series is going to be about how the 'true love of a good woman' can return the soul to a Dark Hunter, and 'true love' seems to be defined mostly as 'raging lust' though I have to give the author points for having at least some of the sex scenes be plot points too. That and I was impressed that the mind-reading which was plot-useful at the start (for embarrassing our female lead) and would be plot-hampering at the end (by revealing what was really going on) was removed in a commented upon way (he can apparently permanently stop being able to read someone's thoughts as an act of will, which he does because she asks him to coz he's embarrassing her - yes, weak, but at least it's flagged up and dealt with rather than mysteriously vanishing). But overall, not my sort of thing.
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