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Quiet day yesterday - spent the evening writing up my defeat in Adventure 4, I've had a comment on that report this morning (in the RB forums) that's given me some stuff to think about. I do need to get over the cookie-cutter city obsession ...

Read "Shaman's Crossing" by Robin Hobb - book 1 of her new trilogy. Which is refreshingly not the same as her previous collection of books. I liked the set-up of the 'way the world works' - sons follow fathers in their trades, except noble's sons. For the nobly born the first son is the heir, the second son is the Soldier Son, the third is the Priest Son and so on down a list of occupations for the various sons. It's a very regimented society, and many of the political problems it currently faces are due to the raising of some Soldier Sons to be New Nobles - which offends some as it's Not The Way It Should Work. Our hero is the Soldier Son of a New Noble and is happy with his place in the list, and with his world - there's even an arranged marriage organised for him that he's happy with, it's only later that he begins to realise that not everyone is happy in their place in the world. This is a coming-of-age story, he starts as a young boy and we follow his life through to the end of the first year of his military training - though there's more to it, I just can think of how to summarise without spoilers. I think I might buy this once it comes out in paperback ... definitely looking out for the rest of the trilogy.
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