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Not really a lot to say about the last couple of days - when I've not been doing housework/practicing my flute I've mostly been playing Civ. And not really in a way to go 'oooh shiny' about - I've been spending more time making notes on research goals for the game and working out max city size for particular city sites and picking city sites more carefully to maximise population as well as grab resources. I've got as far as I have playing on instinct, but if I'm going to get better I need to analyse what I'm doing more. Well, for a while, once I've retrained myself to pay attention to different things then I can likely go back to playing on instinct, just the instincts will be better. I've been playing with random civs, too - I need to pay some more attention to using the traits I get given or the UU of the civ, rather than just play with my favourite trait combination all the time (Fin/Cre if you're interested). I just want one win at Prince (I may get it this time - I'm in the Space Race, and I think I might have a chance at diplomacy too), then I'll move on to Monarch and work at getting better at that level - I think if I want to keep playing the RB Adventures or the CivFanatics GotM then I'm going to have to push my game up to Monarch or get left behind (and even that may be too low for the GotM, which is a shame). Don't know if I can achieve that, though - this is the first ever game in the Civ series where I've managed to work my way up to feeling like I'm competing on Prince.

Flute Practice:
  • Tone book: first Harmonics exercise, still. Getting better at not splitting the notes, though.
  • Tone book: First Middle Register exercise, down to E.
  • Technique book: Scale Exercises A, B and C, full range, not repeating bars.
  • Platonov Studies No. 8 (this is a bit more difficult, can't just sight-read it)
  • Telemann, beginning to get a feel for the Adagio, and the Vivace is pretty much up to speed now. Maybe need to practice with a metronome soon.
Tags: civ, computer, flute, games
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