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Again with no weekend updates - but this time I have excuses! We had guests and I had a baaaaaaaad hangover on Sunday too ;)

Saturday night was the Snowplains 10th Anniversary meet :) Jo and Chris were staying with us, so showed up on Friday night - less tiring to have the journey from Manchester on a different day to the meet. Despite the red wine consumption we were up relatively bright and early on Saturday in time to fit in 2 large meals before heading out to the pub - breakfast was fresh bread and poached eggs on toast and for lunch I cooked a roast chicken (with help from Chris as I was too involved in the Settlers game we were playing and his team were losing the football so he wasn't as engrossed). Despite some doubts about having enough chicken Chris managed to carve it sufficiently well that we had plenty :)

Then - off to the pub. I'd picked Mannings for two reasons - firstly it's pretty quiet & has nice beer, and secondly the name of the pub is in very large letters at the top of the building and visible from some distance away ... always useful for people who don't know Ipswich. We managed to get ourselves set up in a quite a nice spot - with plenty of room for everyone. By some standards (ie the BIG meet back in Nov '96) it was a pretty small meet, but we managed to get all the people who've ever been admin, and a fair smattering of others. In attendance were: Berry, Jarel, Marble, Martyr, Molt, Narenek, phlebas, Pling, Psyche, Rillaith, Ruby, Sagima, Torea, and Wyvern. It was a fun evening - beer in Mannings, food in Mizu (a Wagamamas clone), good company including some people I've not seen in far too long. Hopefully everyone else enjoyed it too :)

Those of us staying at our house (which included Rilli & Martyr, who didn't take much persuasion to stay around) mostly sat up for another 3 hours playing games (except Jo who was too tired to keep her eyes open) - J & Chris played Q4, the rest of us played Settlers of the Stone Age (which Sally had with her) ... though I'm a little hazy on how the game works given how much I'd had to drink before attempting to learn it.

Sunday = pub lunch. I was quite atrociously hungover, but managed to almost pull myself together enough to be social by the time everyone showed up at our house. I needed help from Jo to find the pub's phone number to book for lunch, but I blame that partly on the fact that despite all signage calling it "The Duke of York" it's listed in the phone book as "The Grand Old Duke of York", which rather significantly alters the placing in an alphabetical list ;) Lunch was good, but too soon over as afterwards people began to head back to their own homes. Last to leave were Jo and Chris, who hung around for one final game of Settlers.

And Monday J had the day of work, so we started by heading into town to pick up a single J wanted, and get a McDonald's breakfast. Other than that, it was much like a Sunday - even down to playing Civ with Ellen in the evening. A more productive Sunday than most, though - we cleared out a bunch of empty boxes from our box room, it probably needs 3 or 4 more goes at sorting it out, but we've made a good start.

And today. Back to normality. I need to write up a couple of books I've read which likely won't happen till tomorrow, but here's a couple of mentions of results for Civ competition games I've entered: Civ Fanatics has posted GotM2 results, I didn't suck that bad. And Realms Beyond has posted Adventure 3 results, where I didn't come last, to my surprise.
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