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Looks like we're going to get a better net connection sooner than we'd thought - we'd just started thinking about starting to look at other ISPs as Zen's a bit pricey for half meg ADSL, and Zen have announced they're revamping their products from 1 March & for the price we're paying we can get up to 8 meg ADSL (dependent on exchange & line quality, but according to the BT testing thingy we should get at least 2 meg). With free migration to it as an existing customer. The catch is that it's capped, which Zen weren't doing before - despite my dislike of caps as a knee-jerk reaction I'm OK with this. Partly because the 'standard' cap (so at the price point we're looking at) is 20Gb which is roughly twice our normal downloads and thus not specially relevant - if we go over we can pay £1/Gb after that, if we do that too often we'd upgrade to the fancier service which is £10 more a month with a 50Gb cap. As our only complaint with Zen was that it was a little pricey for what we'd got, this seems like a nice offering :) Thanks to peagles for pointing out the announcement!

Played Quake4 last night - gotta test the patch ;) It's been a long time since I played on public servers & an even longer time since I played without Q4Max's vertex lighting. From what people were saying last night everyone's experiencing a performance hit with the patch - the problem for me is that it means my FPS ranges from single figures to ~25 at peak (ie I'm standing still on my own somewhere). Which isn't that playable - I switched simple items on & that helped a bit. I was also playing in Windows most of the time coz my linux quake install developed some instability issues which we couldn't be bothered to troubleshoot at the time (though I wonder if it's because of the half-arsed non-addition of voice comm stuff to the linux client - looking at J's console in game he was getting error messages at the points where I (in windows) was hearing voices, that might've overloaded my machine to crash point). The 'benefit' of being in Windows was that voice comm was in - I don't have a stereo headset so wasn't speaking myself, but other people were testing it out. Very muffled, but as one's ear got tuned in to the way it sounded it became more understandable - some people were clearer than others though ;) This evening we're going to test what FPS I get with the unpatched & patched versions of Q4 in linux and compare with patched in Windows, and see if it's just a perception problem or if there are differences. It was still fun to play, even with all the performance issues I was having - the server J plays on most seems to have quite a nice crowd on in the evenings - lots of chatter and a sense of humour that definitely meshes with mine.

Another late night though ... which hasn't helped the sleepiness issues any ;) Still, we have a free weekend lined up.
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