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We had a very geeky weekend - we've been installing Gentoo Linux on J's machine. It's still not quite there - we're up to the stage of putting the right apps on though (and there's a sound issue we need to solve, I think J said it looks like we don't have gstreamer set up yet). It's a somewhat different way of doing things, but I'm rather hoping that it means that a somewhat major initial effort will give way to more effortless day-to-day maintenance (ie we'll actually do more of the maintenance). I rather like the fact that in two commands you can tell your system to upgrade every bit of software on it to the most recent version in the Gentoo collection. Makes security updates a little easier to do ;)

We've also played a lot of Quake4, including a little bit of clan arena on Paul's server (which no-one else but me, J and Paul managed to make it for). I miss q4max when I'm playing on the patched servers - I get ~20fps boost from the vertex lighting mode, which means I'm capped most of the time, and it does make playing quite a lot easier. But I've found some tweaks to get things faster - no weapon showing on the UI, no muzzle flash, no projectile lights, simple items. And I'm gradually getting used to telling the difference between weapons & ammo packs with the simple items, and working out what weapon I have from the crosshair (otherwise I tend to get surprised when I blow myself up with the rocket I didn't realise I was firing ;) ). We're likely to pick up stereo headsets sometime soon, too - the public server we play on most has quite a few people who talk. (Though we have to be in windows to hear it, which is annoying - they've not put voice support into the linux client).

I only left the house briefly yesterday, mostly to help J take some of the stuff we'd cleared out of the box-room to the tip (like the printer that died sometime ago and we'd never bothered to dispose of). And also to go to the co-op & get some beer to have with dinner :)

And once again we stayed up rather too late playing games, so I'm rather tired now.
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