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Games are still eating most of my life :) I think I've played Quake4 for at least an hour every day for the last 3 or 4 weeks, and yesterday evening was no exception. I still pretty much always come last or nearly last, but it's fun, so it doesn't matter :)

I also did some graphicsy stuff yesterday - the current blendage challenge is an open one, no pictures given, on the theme of Fairy Tales, and for once I found some public domain pictures that looked like what I wanted :)

Running Gentoo is making it easier for me to try new programs, I'm noticing - installing things is sufficiently easy ... I didn't like the kde recipe manager much, all eyecandy and not the features I wanted. Installing gourmet is more complicated though, as it's not in gentoo so I have to make sure I get all the dependencies myself.
Tags: blends, computer, games, icon contests, quake 4
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