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Far too much of yesterday was spent in the car ... it was a better journey than the way up though - no near death experiences, and less vulgarity ;) The first long car journey in a while is pretty much always accompanied by rediscovery of just how badly behaved people can be once they get in their cars. So the journey back is normally a little calmer just because we're expecting it, and there was also less traffic yesterday.

We got back safely though, and even made it to the Co-op before it shut (just) to get food for the evening! And got a game or two of Quake4 in, too - the new patch is out, so we just had to try it out (imagine that said with big, wide-open, innocent eyes ;) ). Hopefully the updated q4max will released soon, like before next Sunday.

Cat came back this morning and is currently prowling round the house trying to see if it's changed any - fascinated by the bags that are still sitting out downstairs waiting for me to unpack them. I've got such a lot of housework to do this morning ... need to get on with it really!
Tags: car, cat, computer, games, house, quake 4
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