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I made coffee cake on Sunday afternoon - which was rather successful. The only problem was the glace icing, which I made too thin so most of it ran off the cake, though that was probably just as well as it was quite sweet enough with the icing that remained on it. Won't be a problem with the chocolate cake for next weekend, anyway, as J wants that 'iced' with melted chocolate.

I also discovered in the process that "butter icing" and "butter cream" are two totally different things - and looking at the recipe for butter cream I'm not surprised I don't like it (lots of milk). Explains why sometimes I like cake fillings and sometimes I don't, even though they look superficially the same.

Apart from cake most of the weekend revolved around computer games (surely not! I hear you gasp ;) ). Played quite a lot of Quake4, Clan Arena on our server with friends both Sunday and Monday, and lots of FFA on the jolt servers. I also poked a bit at my log analysis script - sorted out using multiple log files, added a yapping stat, added quotes. Then fixed how it dealt with the quotes, after talking to J, as I'd done things in a reasonably clunky fashion. Also played some Civ4 - I missed the deadline for the CFC GOTM, though. I made a start on the RB Epic 2, though, and should probably write up the bit I've played before playing more.

The next couple of weekends are now booked up (possibly) mostly with parents - J's folks may visit next weekend, to help with a little DIY and to visit J on his birthday. And we're staying in Oxford with my folks on the weekend after - as that's only an hour & a half from Rilli's place for her party (presuming that's all still on, anyway).
Tags: cake, civ 4, computer, cooking, family, games, perl, quake 4, social
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