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Finally got new sandals yesterday :) Got some cute ones for wearing out the house (yes, indulging my inner girl there) and some flip-flop things for wearing into the garden when it's wet or there's some other reason I want shoe between ground & foot. The flip-flops were only £2 so I figure they'll not do for walking any distance in - they'll likely fall to bits, having ripped my feet up first. The cute ones were also cheap, but not that cheap. And the heels are slightly higher than I intended, but all the lower heeled ones had stiletto heels, and I find them harder to walk in, so I got the higher wedge heels instead. They also seem less likely to give me blisters on the soles of my feet like last year's sandals seemed to be doing - I don't mind blisters on the tops of my feet so much as I go barefoot round the house so there don't get excaberated by day-to-day stuff, but ones on the soles of my feet *ouch*.

Also did my civic duty - voted in the local elections. Mostly because one should - the campaigns were uninspiring. It turned out when we got there that there were four candidates on the ballot which was a bit surprising as only 2 had actually bothered letting us know they were standing, and of those two 1 had only leafleted us once. I mean I know that in our ward the race is between Labour & Lib Dem, and that the Tories and Greens don't really have a chance. But if you don't let people know you're standing and what you're standing for are you really likely to pick up any more votes?

We went to The Dove for a pint after voting, as the polling station is conveniently close. I had Oulton Waters "Bee-Dazzled" which was nice & light & summery, J had "Pandamonium" (from some brewery I forget that has a bear as a logo) which was dark & not that summery but still rather nice.
Tags: beer, politcs, shoes, shopping
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