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Mostly what I've been doing these last 3 days or so is playing Civ 4 (despite the gorgeous weather we've been having). I'd not been in that much of a hurry to start Realms Beyond Epic 2 coz it's Monarch difficulty & so I figured I'd lose miserably by 1000AD or so, that's what's happened before with Monarch level games. But I'm actually doing rather well, not on track to win, but equally I'm not on track to be crushed mercilessly by the AI either. I guess something about the variant rules suits the way I generally play :) Hopefully I'll manage to get it played before we go away for the weekend, which'll leave me Sunday afternoon/Monday afternoon to write it up.

And that's about it for my life so far this week. Civ4, Quake4 & housework. And the latter two haven't be interesting enough to write about, really.
Tags: civ 4, computer, games
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