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It seems like I spent this weekend either drinking or in the car! Poor J mostly just got the car bits, given he was driving. We headed off to Oxford after lunch on Friday - really we should've left in the morning, but we were being rather lazy. But we got there just in time to have a sit down for a few minutes before going out to dinner with my parents. I can't remember if I've been to a Cafe Rouge before, the food was rather nice (I had the Margret du Canard - which I managed to order as Margret du Duck as we'd been saying Margaret of Duck while we were discussing it, oops). As was the wine :)

Saturday was rillaith's birthday party, which was the reason we were in Oxford - it's only an hour and a half's drive from Sally's, rather than 4 or 5 hours. Google gave good directions, but whoever's in charge of Newbury's signs needs to update them - the road is now the A339 and the A34 goes round Newbury, but all the road signs in Newbury itself still call it the A34 so I was quite convinced I'd got us on the wrong road, but it worked out in the end.

The party was fun - there were a few people I'd not seen for a while, including one or two that I've not seen for getting on for a decade. And met new people, though I can't really remember who any of them were or what they were called. We managed to hijack things to watch Doctor Who mid-evening as well, in company with several other people, so it wasn't just us being anti-social. Oh, and I consumed reasonably copious quantities of red wine, and I managed to acheive tipsy but no worse. Which was good, as I was navigating us back to my parents' place (which was successful :) ).

Sunday morning arrived a little sooner than was entirely pleasant, but we managed a lazy morning before having lunch (and another glass of wine) with my parents. A bit of computer tweakage later & we were off back to Ipswich. Marble texted J just as we were driving out of Oxford to let us know that our domain registrar had fucked up and wasn't quite registered to us anymore (he'd noticed because we run secondary dns for the domains hosted on igloo, including his). Unfortunately in the swearing that accompanied our receipt of this news we missed our turning & ended up on the M40 by accident - so we took the opportunity to try the 'other' route home. Which was a bit more than half an hour quicker, unsurprisingly as the roads are faster, but a lot busier. We shall have to see whether J prefers the quieter drive or the faster drive on future trips.

Once home I headed out to buy some beer (well, we didn't want to break the weekend's pattern) while J investigated the domain name issues and fired off an email to the two companies involved asking why it had gone wrong given we'd paid up 2 months ago. The evening was filled with shooting poeple - neither of us felt up to doing much else, I played like crap though. Oh, and there was beer :)

Yesterday was the return to reality - no car trips for me, no booze. And we discovered at 9:30am that the domain was properly registered to us again, so by sometime later today everything should be back to normal, with only a bit of lost email as a lasting issue. It seems that the company we paid didn't renew the domain till yesterday morning after reading J's email, rather than before it expired. D'oh. I think we'll be investigating moving our business elsewhere, though we've 2 years to sort that out now.

Started to investigate reasons & solutions to our DSL drops which only happen in the evening - it's a noise margin thing, we think, and we think it's good enough most of the time that the automatic adjusting thing doesn't kick in. But we may be able to improve the noise margin by tweaking how our wiring is set up, but that's a project for the weekend.

And more quake in the evening, but no beer. But I was playing better which pleased me :)
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