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Hmm, haven't updated for a week. Didn't think it'd been as long as that. And now I'm having difficulty thinking of what actually happened last week. I spent quite a bit of time writing up Epic 2 for Realms Beyond. Tweaked the CSS for the reporting style too, but it breaks (usably but ungracefully) in IE so I shall likely untweak that for the next report. Played some of Adventure 6, but screwed up the game in an unedifying fashion, so shan't report it (got locked in an oscillating war with Monty after I'd over-extended myself wiping out Toku).

Worked on my log analysis script for Quake4XBM at the weekend, now outputs more stats & stuff. I shifted most of the formatting out into CSS so it was customisable by others without altering the script. But on reflection I've not done that very well, so I shall have to redo it so it's actually customisable by others ;) I think I may've got an error in how it calculates the death streaks too (they'd only be out by +/- 1) but I need to go through the logic of what I'm doing carefully to see if I'm just getting confused.

Last night we went out for dinner as it was our 10th anniversary of getting together - the last couple of years we've not done anything special for it, celebrating our wedding anniversary instead, but 10 years was a good excuse for a night out :)
Tags: anniversary, civ, computer, eating out, games, perl, quake
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