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Played even more Civ over the last few days - I decided I'd not played a game purely for fun for ages, so I dropped the level back to Noble & did that. And won :) And stomped Monty the loony while I was at it, which was particularly satisfying. Went on to win by spaceship. And yesterday made a start on Epic 3, which is going well so far ... I'm kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop as it's at Monarch level again. We'll see.

Played a bit of team deathmatch quake last night, too ... which didn't go so well for me, I was hopelessly outclassed. While it was nice to play a different gametype for a change I think I'd've enjoyed the evening more if I'd just played FFA like normal ;)

In non-gaming news, the cat's got an upset tummy again. He was off his food a little at the weekend, but got over that and is now producing toxic waste as far as we can tell ;) Seems to be getting better now, and he's certainly beginning to get very bored stuck inside (we keep him in so it forces him to use his litter tray so we can tell if he's getting better or if we need to take him to the vets).
Tags: cat, civ, computer, games, quake
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