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Met Andrew for lunch yesterday, we went to The Rep for a change rather than The Plough. I still had fish & chips, though :) Not sure if I've been in The Rep since they did it up several years ago ... looks like it's trying to be posh now, but that might just be for lunches.

Having had beer rather than my normal lunchtime coffee I completely crashed by about 5:30 - if I'd realised I was going to be that tired when I got home at 3ish I'd've had a coffee then, but I figured if I had one in the early evening then I'd never sleep. Still managed to cook nice dinner (thai stir fry noodles & beef stuff), despite feeling like I couldn't keep my eyes open. That was sufficiently spicy to wake me up enough to play a bit of quake - played FFA so had a more fun evening than the night before, coz unlike team games it only affects me when I'm totally outclassed :)
Tags: games, quake, social
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