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I'm sure I was busy this weekend, but now I come to write about it I'm not able to think of many things to say. Friday night we went to Furry, last one at The Great White Horse - there was barely any beer (it's a good thing I don't mind John Smiths as that was all there was on tap) & barely any other drinks & they were charging more than usual for them, too. Other than that it was a fun evening :)

Saturday, I'm sure stuff happened. I'm just damned if I remember what.

Sunday we did some gardening *gasp*. I mostly just weedkillered bits & raked a little of the moss out of the grass, J cut the grass for the first time in weeks. So the cat's a bit distressed - his jungle has gone. It looks a bit more like a garden though ;) And J cleared out the kitchen sink drain, which was disgusting, but necessary - it now drains, which is always a plus point for a drain ;)

And yesterday was mostly spent in the pub. Beer festival at The Dove - as it was the last day they'd started running out of beers, but we still managed to try 6 or so each :) Andrew was supposed to be joining us, but didn't show or reply to the text I sent him, so I guess his plans changed.

Oh and we played Quake4 lots, but that goes without saying, really :)
Tags: beer, computer, games, garden, quake, social
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