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I spent a chunk of yesterday morning trying to troubleshoot a problem with a mod-writing tutorial for Quake 4 for someone on the jolt forums. Failed to make it work, but it seems that it's possibly accurate only for v1.0 and not for v1.2, though I'm not sure how they've changed things. I did get further with troubleshooting it than the guy who asked the question, though :)

Other than that, mostly a housework day - J was working from home, so I had more coffee than normal, but I was still brain-dead. Managed to remember half the stuff I'd forgotten to put on my shopping list on my way to the shops, but still forgot several things. I'll have to pop out for them today. I did, however, manage to remember my brother's wedding anniversary in time to get a card & post it, so hopefully that'll get there in time for Saturday.

Had a really good game of Quake4 to start the evening - nearly won it, even though I'd been on less time than most of the people on the server. One of the regulars (Zulq) showed up 2 minutes after me & won though - but I was only 2 frags behind. After that I played like shit for the rest of the night though ;)
Tags: computer, games, house, quake
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