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We had a nice quiet weekend this weekend. I did some more to my Quake4 log analysis script - mostly rewriting the HTML & CSS, but I also managed to simplify some of the code which I'd been trying to think of a way to simplify for ages. I changed the colour scheme to something I like less but other people seem to like more. I dislike it mostly due to a prejudice against light text on a dark background (it's soooo 15yo-my-life-is-pain) but it's probably more q4-like.

Saturday afternoon the weather was really nice, so we sat outside in the sun for a while reading books & basking. Unfortunately while we came back in before I cooked, it was a little late for J - he was slightly glow-in-the-dark pink :/ We should probably have remembered the suncream we have before rather than after sitting outside ;)

And yesterday I played computer games all day. Played a lot of Civ4 - continuing with Epic3, which I have another week to finish & write up. Think I'll manage it, though I'll have to make sure I spend a fair while this week playing. And played a lot of Quake4 too - our weekly fraggage with people-we-know and played on jolt's servers later, too. I'm beginning to get to a point where I don't think I'm getting any better, but that's probably just because everyone I'm comparing myself to on the public servers is playing more than me so is getting better faster (and was better to start with anyway).
Tags: civ, computer, games, perl, quake
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