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Well, I was going to play Civ yesterday, but didn't. I'd been feeling cranky about Quake & like I wasn't ever getting any better so I went & found some strafe jumping training maps (in q3) and had a go at them. I (predicatably) sucked, but not as badly as I feared. J pointed me at the one we have for q4 too, so I shall give that one a go. Of course even if I can manage to do the training maps to any degree I need to change my habits of movement while actually playing - I don't jump at all, and some jumping makes one harder to hit, even if I'm not trying for the speed boost from strafe jumping. I did have a good evening's playing after that, though, even though I wasn't paying attention to changing anything - I'm beginning to notice big differences between maps & even between areas of maps, there are bits I'm rather good at now so I can sometimes get a decent run of frags. Of course, sometimes I suck ;)

Earlier in the day I finished the book I was reading ("Ordermaster" by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.). It's one of his Recluce books - I think I've missed reading one between the last one I own & this one, but it didn't really matter even though this was a direct sequel to the one I missed. Which I guess is not exactly a ringing endorsement ;) I did enjoy it, but as light fluffy comfort reading - it felt shallower than previous books in the series, and the characters felt more like Modesitt's stock types than like actual characters.
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