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Damn it's hot. I like sunny weather, but it's difficult to get the house to cool down much (which is a nice trait for a house in the winter, but not so good in the summer), so it ends up being a bit too hot overnight. And I've just discovered I can't open one of the bedroom windows this morning, so that doesn't bode well for tonight (it's like it's still locked even though it's unlocked & the handle is in the 'open' position). Bah. (edit: went back up & tried again and it opened. Think it was just too hot, we've had that issue with some of the other windows in the past, they swell or something.)

Not updated since Tuesday or something like that, so I shall just hit the high-points for the last week.

Friday we went to Hertford to a Pure Reason Revolution gig. J had the afternoon off so we drove over after lunch & pottered around in the sun waiting for peagles to navigate the traffic jams outside Hertford. Once Paul finally made it in we had the usual dither ("No, I don't mind what we do" "Neither do I" "Well, someone needs to make a decision" "I don't mind what we do" rinse & repeat ;) ) before I decided we'd go to the pub for a drink, then coffee somewhere else, then dinner in Cafe Uno. Unfortunately it was the first bad hayfever day I've had this year (and so far only one, too), but an antihistamine from Paul sorted that out in time for the concert.

It was some prog night at a tiny little venue (The Hertford Marquee - capacity 200), with an all ages entry policy. As a consequence I felt like I was twice the age of most other people there - there were a couple of dozen of us who were >25 which yanked the average age up a bit ... I also had my annual ID request at the bar :/ Hopefully that's it for this summer ;) She did back down when I spluttered about being 31 and she had a second look & realised I was older than her ;)

There were four bands - first up were Cats and Cats and Cats, who had the coolest name but I think the best I could say were that they showed promise. The Strange Death of Liberal England were up next (another good name), and were better, but still not quite there & not quite my cup of tea. The Lucida Console were LOUD and rocked out and I liked them quite a lot (bought the compilation CD that had a track of theirs on from the merch desk). Sound could've done to be lower though - which was true all through the evening, I think the sound guy prefered volume over quality - my ears hadn't quite recovered by Saturday night. Pure Reason Revolution were headlining, and were very clearly who the older people in the crowd were there for. They rocked :) The vocals were a little low in the mix (well, the rest was too loud, but the effect's the same), which was a shame as their vocals are part of the appeal, but despite that it was a really good set. I'd love to see them somewhere else with better sound :)

Other than that, I've mostly sat in the sun & played computer games. I finished Realms Beyond Epic 3 and got my report written up. I actually won! On Monarch!! Which makes me happy :)

And it offset the fact that I sucked at Quake all week :/ But after having Friday off I played better the last couple of nights, so that's good :) And yesterday afternoon most of the usual Q4 people weren't around so we played a bit of Warsow - on maps I couldn't fall off, and I did better at that. It's focused on movement, though, and I suck at that, so I'll likely never get particularly good at it ;)
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